Factory Direct



ADS Maestro (iDatalink)


Marketing of remote start and audio integration solutions destined for the automotive aftermarket.  ADS’ award-winning products (marketed under the iDatalink, iDatalink Maestro and iDataStart brands).   


The Dynamat brand maintains the dominant market share in Car Audio and Automotive Restoration acoustic solutions. Dynamic Control also provides abroad range of unique product solutions for home acoustics, computers,appliances, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.



Enhanced sound quality control, advanced connectivity; the perfect in-car experience.


Melding the best of today’s technology into smart, practical devices that are easy to use, and make them available to consumers at an affordable price. Be a part of the NEW Frontier of safety and protection products.



Magnadyne Corporation of Compton, California has reintroduced the Silencer Brand with a new line of after market security, remote start and telematics products.  The Smart Choice to protect and enhance your new car investment.



Boston acoustics  

Better Sound - Less Gear.  Innovative home entertainment solutions and high performance loudspeakers


The New Dimension For Digital Images and Video - Darbee Vision creates revolutionary image processing technologies and products that have received world-wide acclaim for enhancing depth, clarity, and realism of digital images and video content


Premium Bluetooth, Home Theater, Hi-Fi Components, Compact Systems, and headphones.  With premium Bluetooth solutions,Blockbusting 3D Sound, Real Hi-Fi for today’s lifestyles, DENON delivers astounding sound quality for the diverse listener.




 The European Audio Team designs highly reviewed and award winning turntables with innovative technology and maximum performance while still maintaining an elegant look.

Fusion Research

The team at Fusion has a deep understanding of the underlying technology of digital imaging, audio processing, storage and networking as well as the use of protocols and control for system communications. They bring their significant domain knowledge and expertise to the new and emerging area of imaging and networking in the residential and commercial market using open IP based products.


Anywhere sounds amazing – The Evolution of Multi Room Sounds.  No Wires. No Limits.  Listen to your favorite music in any room in the home – even the bathroom.


James Loudspeaker



 James Loudspeaker has established itself as a world leader and innovator in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions, providing products for exclusive homes, forward-thinking businesses and upscale marine applications.  James Loudspeaker takes pride in its ongoing spirit of innovations, unprecedented customization capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction and excellence in design and quality of build.  James Loudspeaker products are known for delivering the ultimate entertainment experience while maintaining a minimal visual presence in interior or landscape designs.


Founded in 1947, Lowell designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of premium quality products including electronic equipment racks, cabinets and rack mount accessories, power distribution, conditioning and surge protection devices, and professional/commercial speaker systems, acoustic back boxes and volume controls and switches.


“Because music matters” -  Music should be reproduced - in our opinion -exactly the way the artist intended, because nothing - absolutely nothing -should get in the way of the music




MSE Audio

Parent company of six major manufacturing brands, MSE Audio utilizes the latest audio technology to produce the best sounding speakers in the world


Technically innovative, perfectly manufactured amplifiers that allows the beauty of the music and it authentic sound to come alive.


Okki Nokki



The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine "cleans the crap out of your records"! 

The award winning, exceptionally well-designed fully automated machine has been designed for the thorough and careful cleaning of all vinyl records.



 A great vinyl collection should not be a dirty secret... clean your records now!

Screen Innovations

YOUR LIFE JUST BECAME SIMPLE…  No matter the budget; Screen Innovations has the best available screen solution to suit your needs," SIaims to resolve the issues that have historically hamstrung the projection screen industry.


United Leather USA

Handcrafted Custom Seating—Made in America

Wolf Cinema

We manufacturer some of the finest home cinema and commercial imaging solutions possible, with advanced video technologies and core light engines that represent the pinnacle of viewing excellence.

Marine Vendor 



Hit the waves or off-road with Kenwood marine/sports products. They are designed for harsh environments, support a wide variety of sources and sound awesome.  

Portable Accessory Vendor Page



The Astell&Kern is the ultimate portable Hi-Fi audio system

Acoustic Sheep

"Creators of the world's most comfortable headphones!"


RIVA is a revolution, a bold new standard and a defiant rejection of the idea that people cannot afford great audio and therefore must accept the bland experience of today’s tin-can wireless speakers.  Together we deserve better. We can imagine bigger.  Together we can be revolutionary.


Red foil striped bright white packaging with eco friendly certifications insure that Nitro Glass will out sell any other tempered glass competition. Add it to your accessories lineup today!